What other Motorcycle Clubs is the Ruffians MC affiliated with?

The Ruffians MC is not affiliated with any other Motorcycle Club.  We respect all clubs.

So what kind of Club are you?

We are a motorcycle club by every definition and qualification.  We support our own brothers and have our own events and activities.  We respect the law but we also respect the rights of others to exist and be whom or what they want to be.  We are what we say we are, nothing more and nothing less.

Why do you wear a three piece patch?

We abide by the same protocols and traditions the motorcycle clubs of the 1940’s and 50’s established.  That is why we wear a three piece patch.

How does one join the Ruffians MC ?

Find a member and ask him.

Can we buy some patches and start a chapter?

We are not a mail-order patch club; but if you really want to send us money we would be happy to party with it.

What is this brotherhood you speak of?

Brotherhood is a group of men who truly understand, respect  and are committed to one another.  We ride together, party together and assist each other when the need arises. A true brother is your best friend in good times as well as the bad.  If we have to explain it, you won’t understand.

How do I find out more information?

Use the Contact Us option on this website or if you see a Ruffians MC brother out somewhere, introduce yourself.