The Ruffians Motorcycle Club was established in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 2011 by four Masons; bikers in the truest sense coming from dissimilar backgrounds and walks of life.  They had a desire for brotherhood outside of the lodge that incorporated their passion for motorcycles and the open road.  Hence, the Ruffians Motorcycle Club was born.

Ruffians MC is first and foremost a fraternity of like-minded individuals that embrace the principles of brotherhood, self-improvement, family and responsibility.  All of our members are gainfully employed or honourably retired/discharged from responsible positions.  We are a law-abiding Club that seeks to live our lives in a certain manner and wear a patch on our back.  We want to socialize with like-minded and professional men who have a desire to ride.

That Brotherhood doesn’t stop when we get off our bikes, often that’s where it begins!  We are bikers not motorcycle enthusiasts, there is a difference.  We ride hard and often play harder.  We have a respect for all Motorcycle Clubs and members of those clubs and we support those who support us.  We are self-governing and choose to mind our own business.

Ruffians MC is a MOTORCYCLE CLUB (MC).  In our opinion, there is a distinct difference between a MOTORCYCLE CLUB (MC) and Riding Club (RC) .

The primary purpose of a RIDING CLUB is to ride motorcycles.  Members get together to enjoy rides with little or no other commitment or requirement.  Riding clubs may or may not have regularly scheduled meetings and they may or may not require its members to pay dues.  Members of a riding club might get together once a month to go for a ride and that may be the extent of their involvement.  A riding club may have a one-piece back patch that may be purchased and members can usually keep the patch even after they have left the club.  Members of riding clubs usually have very few commitments and may come and go as they please.

A MOTORCYCLE CLUB requires a deep level of personal commitment and self-discipline.  You are not just joining a group of people who like to ride motorcycles, you are joining a family.  In many cases we are opening up our homes to fellow members pledging to help each other through life’s challenges..

Members participate in club activities on a frequent (sometimes daily) basis and are expected to make time in their busy schedules for the club.  Members of motorcycle clubs wear “three piece patches” – a top rocker, bottom rocker and center patch.  These patches are considered club property and they are earned over a period of time through dedication and hard work.  Members of motorcycle clubs join because they are seeking not only the camaraderie with other riders but also the unconditional love and support from a family and an organizational framework they can learn and grow in.  Members make a lifelong commitment – they are club members 24/7 – they do not just come and go casually.